The Blanket is a producing organization that exists to expand and improve dance in Pittsburgh. We seek to help artists realize collaborative projects that bridge the gap between Pittsburgh and the greater dance community. The Blanket commissions choreographers and artists from the wider dance world to create work on Pittsburgh dancers, in Pittsburgh venues, in collaboration with Pittsburgh artists/organizations. We will facilitate and produce new projects and bring revivals to Pittsburgh, giving local artists and audiences the opportunity to experience (and take part in) the very broad spectrum of the dance as an art form. 

Long time friends and colleagues, Caitlin Scranton and Matt Pardo founded The Blanket in 2016 in order not only to foster collaboration between Pittsburgh and the greater dance field, but also to have control over the curation and presentation of the works in which they participate. They seek to grant greater authority to the dancer while presenting collaborative and expansive projects in the city.

We work project-by-project, giving us more freedom than the classic dance company.  With this model we are able to explore and commission a broad range of projects and artists, to foster diversity, and to cast a wide net. We seek to create a cross-cultural/cross-genre exchange, and to establish recurring opportunities for the city and the field. We offer performance opportunities to dancers, as well as classes, workshops, talks and mentorship.  Keep checking back to see what projects we have in the works!